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Announcements : Yellow Fever Vaccine Shortage

Announcement: Yellow Fever Vaccine Shortage

Yellow fever vaccine shortage and implications for students traveling to countries that require this vaccine.
You may or may not be aware; there is a national Yellow Fever Vaccine shortage.  Sanofi Pasteur has announced a total depletion of their supply which will last until mid- 2019.    There is an alternate vaccine – Stamaril – which is being given by large volume in some clinics in the meantime.  Unfortunately, Messiah Travel Clinic is not one of the clinics able to receive Stamaril.
If you are applying to an international program that requires Yellow Fever Vaccine, you will need to go off campus to secure this immunization.  The Engle Center has done some research and identified a local clinic that will have Stamaril available: 
Passport Health
3314 Market Street
Suite 205
Camp Hill PA 17011

There are a few important considerations in working with Passport Health to obtain this vaccine:
  • There is only one nurse that gives the vaccine, so she does it only one day a week and separate from the office visit.  So TWO VISITS are required. 
  • They require a full Travel Visit through their office before Stamaril.  They do not accept a “referral” for a Stamaril Vaccine. 
  • The cost of a travel visit at Passport Health is $75.  The cost of the Stamaril is $188.  Obviously, if other vaccines/medications are needed, that would be an additional cost also. 
  • They have office visits available only on Wednesdays and Fridays.
  • The Stamaril must be administered AT LEAST 10 days prior to departure, so it is recommended that a student call for an appointment at least a MONTH before their trip.  

The Engle Center will still be functioning as a full service travel clinic this year and will have every other vaccine in stock.  In addition, Engle Center is considerably cheaper than Passport Health!  They charge $40 for a Travel Visit and attempt to keep vaccine costs as low as possible. 
We hope this information is helpful as you plan your semester off campus.